FB Instant Article? 《衛報》《紐約時報》都唔用啦喎


這宗新聞值得各位對社交網絡及傳媒業有興趣的朋友留意,《The Guardian》本週決定,不再與FB合作,將終止以Instant Article方式發放旗下的文章;同時該報亦會終止在Apple News上發放新聞。

“We have run extensive trials on Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News to assess how they fit with our editorial and commercial objectives,” a Guardian spokesman said. “Having evaluated these trials, we have decided to stop publishing in those formats on both platforms.”

Guardian Pulls Out of Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple News

Over the past year, a number of major publishers have experimented with distributing their stories through external platforms, including Facebook’s mobile-focused Instant Articles and Apple News. But now some media companies are shutting down those experiments.

其實在過去幾個星期就有不少傳媒對Instant Article這形式表示不滿,據報是因為各傳媒對認為從這形式賺到的收入過低,NYT早前亦已經終止再以Instant Article 方式發放文章。

Facebook’s Instant Articles promised to transform journalism – but now big publishers are fleeing

Inside Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters, the arrival of Instant Articles in the spring of 2015 was presented as a cause for celebration. Talking with reporters, executives described the fast-loading, natively hosted articles as a promising new creative format.

The Verge的報道就指,Instant Article 的其中一個死因,是在推出不久後,FB就將整個平台的的重點由文字,轉到影片,包括其直播功能。這就嚴重降低採用Instant Article 的吸引力。

值得留意是,《The Guardian》強調該報仍會繼續採用Google的簡化網頁模式Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)作發佈文章的另一方式。這或是年多前開始,Instant Article v AMP 這網絡簡化文章瀏覽方式大戰,一個重要的轉捩點。

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