John Nash 係個點嘅Professor?


係Quora上,其中一位曾經跟John Nash做一份Paper的Jon Hersh,分享左同佢生活的一段經驗。

(同A Beautiful Mind入面的羅素高爾,或者唔係好同)

In 2007 I spent a week with John Nash in Barcelona. Ostensibly I was assisting with a paper he was writing (The agencies method for coalition formation in experimental games) but in practice I was his bit of American familiarity in a sea of Barcelonan otherworldliness. ……

John Nash is normal math genius eccentric, but not crazy crazy.

John doesn’t act like you or me. Then again, we don’t possess the kind of brain-power he has and haven’t spent a life creating abstract proofs alone in a library. Most really good mathematicians I know share this same trait: a limited, almost muted outward persona that masks mental fireworks happening somewhere inside. If you have not been accustomed this kind of person, it can be very jarring, and you might conclude that this person is “crazy” or at least severely disturbed. But I could sense little difference in affect between him and my Russian analysis professor, both of whom would shock anyone unaccustomed to such behavior, but neither of whom are really crazy.

John Nash has a complicated family life

John was traveling with his wife, Alicia and his son, John Jr. Alicia was always pleasant, quick to smile but was relatively passive in conversation. His son, John Jr., would spend entire meals entering numbers into a cheap calculator, then jotting down simple arithmetic equations line by line into a worn notebook.

One day Prof. Nash’s son didn’t eat lunch at the restaurant with the rest of us, instead opting for McDonald’s down the street. After lunch, and trying to be social, I asked John Jr. how his lunch was. He responded, “I had a breakthrough. I was contemplating my illusions and think I understand them now.” “Oh,” I said. “That’s…good.” Then he took out his calculator and went back to adding numbers. I’m not an expert, but it struck me as if he was playing someone crazy.

John Nash seemed to have a slight internet addiction

Maybe he was bored with our discourse, but whenever there was a break he would ask to see my laptop so he could check his email. I noticed that kind of twitching restlessness you see so often with people these days. But this was before the ubiquity of internet enabled cell phones, so John would just reach for my laptop, and load up Quora (just kidding! He was reading math papers or news usually.)……

John Nash/via Wikipdeia

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