架英國首相Theresa May(文翠珊)尋日係國會公佈如果3月12日國會否決佢嘅Brexit議案,佢就俾國會投票決定係咪推遲Brexit日期,通過就正式向歐盟要求推延。


推遲Brexit,理論上大大減低No-Deal嘅機會,英國商界應該歡迎。British Chambers of Commerce 對呢個轉軚亦表示歡迎:

While this is a giant political leap for the prime minister, this is only a small step towards the clarity and precision that businesses need to chart their future direction,

但其實對中小企黎講,準備左3月29日嘅No Deal,依家要為6月底嘅No Deal準備多次,成本大幅上升。因此Federation of Small Business 主席Mike Cherry 就表示

“Small businesses will still be concerned that even if parliament vote to avoid a no-deal Brexit on March 29, they may still face one later down the road,”

“The spectre of revisiting a last-minute no deal in the coming months will still make it hard for many small firms to plan, invest and hire.”

No Deal風險低左,但中小企要對嘅不確定性仍然非常高,對營商壓力仍大。


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