WSJ的Robert Shiller 及George Akerlof 專訪


今日想同大家分享WSJ這個訪問,Robert Shiller 及George Akerlof 兩位諾貝獎得主宣傳新書《Phishing for Phools》,與專欄作者 Jason Zweig談論書中的主旨: 有關欺騙及不誠實取利的經濟解釋,不少是要作一些行為經濟學式的解釋。

這本書我仍未看,但這個訪問我是極度推介的,因為相當好笑。其中一段相當有趣的,是Shiller 談及為寫這本書,他親身試食貓糧,以親身證實貓是否如宣傳所述般,有甚麼特別口味,以下為Transcript:

Q: You ate cat food to research a common way you think consumers may be phished by marketers.

RS: The labels on the cans said things like ‘roast beef paté’; things that we would see in a restaurant. So I said, if they say that, it must be something like that. I tried tasting it, and they all tasted pretty much the same. They tasted like cat food. There is an artificial reality that is created by marketing.

但我認為最有趣的,當然是在訪問最後一題, Zweig問Akerlof與老婆Janet Yellen(即是聯儲局主席)的生活相處,Akerlof的答案頗有趣,值得一看~

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